How I would describe John Barrowan : 

A sexy Scottish guy who talks in an American accent and plays/ played a conceded time agent called Captain Jack Harkness on the ever so popular British tv show Doctor Who and played the same character a Doctor Who spin off show called Torchwood  AND slaps Prince Harry’s ass and gets away with it.! 

Best description ever!! Though, I would have brought up Scott.

So I was with my aunt, my mom, and my aunt’s friend. They were having a discussion about something (I wasn’t paying attention) and my Aunt says,
“One argument is that pain is only in your head, but you still feel it.”
And I go, “That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.”



Wow describing it though…seriously what a wild ride for both of them. Just thinking of that shift in their lives steals my breath

Literally all of a sudden you’ve killed someone because they may have been threatening your new flatmate who has made you laugh genuinely for the first time in a long…



i was talking to becca and she said “imagine sherlock in a shop trying to choose between orange juice and apple juice, just imagine that small son buying things”

sherlock in sainsbury’s, with a little trolley, stood in front of the juice section. he thinks about which juice to buy and decides he…